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There are two questions at stake in this whole "discussion."

Is there any substance, any real content to Hegel's logic, or is it all as 
Rosa argues "mysticism," "irrationality"?

Whatever the answer to the first question, did Marx think there was any real 
content to  Hegel's logic, to dialectic, or did Marx consider it to be all 
mysticisim and irrationality?

The first question is posed in terms that  Rosa might like, but that make it 
impossible to answer, as the answer has to be found in the concrete-- in 
actual history.

The second question?  If you read, actually read Marx's work, the published 
and unpublished works, Vol 1,2,3,  Theories of Surplus Value,  the 
Grundrisse, the correspondence with Engels, the German Ideology, 
etc.etc.etc.,  there is no doubt about the answer to that.  Marx is explicit 
on the "method" of dialectics, and the rationality of dialectics, finding 
and extracting the rational kernel of Hegel's dialectic.

I do not mean to discourage anyone from challenging Rosa.  On the contrary, 
have at it.  But there is simply nothing to be learned by engaging in a 
discussion with Rosa.  It's like arguing with Ayn Rand-- or a positivist.
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