[Marxism] Is it "Seven Days in May" for Obama?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 7 13:23:49 MDT 2009

Matthew Russo wrote:
> Well, clearly the military brass sense that Obama is just plain weak, and
> having seen the successes of first Wall Street and then the "health care"
> cartel, are stepping up for their turn in line to bully the Wimp in Chief.
> The sharks smell blood, and circle the waters.  There will be no "coup", as
> one is not necessary.  All such talk probably emanates from the conspiracy
> minded Democratic Party Left, as conspiracy theorizing is always the
> substitute for an absence of strategy.

I am too damned busy with work to get to blogging about this, but agree 
totally with Matthew's analysis. In fact, I plan to quote his earlier 
post explaining the weakness of Obama in historical terms vis-a-vis 
FDR's boldness. Maybe tomorrow if I can get my stupid syperl script working.

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