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2009/10/7 Shane Mage <shmage at pipeline.com>:
> On Oct 7, 2009, at 5:22 PM, Greg McDonald wrote:
>> I had read Guerin's fine book on anarchism many years ago, but had not
>> read "Fascism and Big Business" until Shane mentioned it a few months
>> ago on this list. Still working my way through it, but I must say it
>> sure is an excellent book.
>> Could you translate for us the other two titles that you mentioned,
>> Shane?
> One title:
> "Bourgeois et Bras Nus:  La Lutte des Classes sous la Première
> République."
> "The bourgeoisie and the shirtless ones: the class struggle during the
> First Republic."


"La burguesía y los descamisados: la lucha de clases durante la
Primera República".

It would be most interesting if someone made a serious history of this
issue in Argentina, understanding of course that the "First Republic",
from the workers´ point of view, has been the first Peronist
government (1945 to 1955). The internal class struggle within the
national front is a matter worth studying, indeed.

Provided, of course, one does not establish as a given and first datum
the idea that workers were stupid enough to be duped by the
bourgeoisie, etc.


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