[Marxism] A mistake Re: when will the Palestinian people deal with the traitors?

Juan Fajardo fajardos at ix.netcom.com
Wed Oct 7 18:32:01 MDT 2009

Néstor Gorojovsky wrote:

> Ah, and yet another issue with Brasky´s deep linguistics: we in
> Argentina don´t call "español" that thing which you USAmericans,
> quite as idyosincratically as you speak of "Hispanos" or "Hispanic",
> call "Spanish", simply because there are other languages in Spain; we
> say "castellano", that is "the language of Castilia" in the same way
> there is no "British" but "English" or "Welsh".

That could be a result of Mexico's proximity.  Mexicans call it 
"español" and every one I have ever met has initially looked at me weird 
when I've called it "castellano".

- Juan

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