[Marxism] Who is interested in Mao ?

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Thu Oct 8 19:01:38 MDT 2009

Also, this book has been very severely criticised by many highly 
knowledgeable scholars of modern China (lots on this can be found via a bit 
of Googling).

Nonetheless, I have little more time for Mao than I have for figures of the 
far right.


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> Daniel Koechlin wrote:
>> As to where I picked up all the info on Mao.
>> Well, from THE book, the definitive book on the subject. I am referring
>> of course to Jung Chang's biography of Mao ("Mao : The unknown story"),
> Are you aware that the co-author of this book, an ex-Marxist by the name
> of Jon Halliday, was a supporter of the invasion of Iraq and is a
> thorough reactionary today?
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