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Sat Oct 10 01:07:29 MDT 2009

By* Valter Pomar*,* *secretary of international relations, Workers’ 
Party (PT) of Brazil**

October 10, 2009 -- It has become commonplace to say that there are two 
lefts in Latin America: one would be “carnivore”, the other 
“vegetarian”; one would be radical, the other moderate; one would be 
revolutionary, the other reformist; one would be socialist, the other 

Dichotomous definitions of this kind are made by spokespersons (official 
or unofficial) of the US State Department, with the explicit purpose of 
bringing about discord in the Latin American left, making it fight 
itself rather than its common enemies.

To be sure, there is neither the manner nor the motive to deny the 
existence of programmatic, strategic, tactical, organisational, 
historical and sociological differences in the Latin American left. We 
shall talk about these differences further below. Yet a dichotomous 
interpretation of the actually existing differences, in addition to 
serving the purposes of the right, expresses an incorrect theoretical 

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