[Marxism] Peace Prize or war prize to Obama

Nasir Khan naskha3 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 04:42:41 MDT 2009

Peace prize or war prize to Obama?

According to the normal practice the Nobel Peace Prize is to be
awarded to someone who has contributed to the cause of peace. In
President Obama's case, we see no such evidence. On the contrary,
since taking office he has escalated and extended the war of
aggression in Afghanistan which his predecessor Bush had started.

American pilotless drones target Pakistani territory and kill people
there with impunity. The ever-increasing death-toll of Afghans (and
Pakistanis) at the hands of US-led occupation forces shows the reality
of this president's policies. Obama is following the criminal war
policies of his immediate predecessor. From Gitmo to Iraq and to the
Occupied Territories of the Palestinians his promises have been
futile; he has backed down on each of his policy statements he had
tossed around.

Except for his empty rhetoric, Obama has produced no concrete results
nor has he shown any consistent and steadfast line of action to pursue
the goals for which people around the world had hoped for. His nuclear
arms initiative is praiseworthy, but his warmongering does not entitle
him to the peace prize. I suggest that this award should be called War
Prize to President Obama. Those in the Nobel Committee who have chosen
him for the award have made a joke of the term peace.

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