[Marxism] Peace Prize or War Prize to Obama?

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 10 08:32:37 MDT 2009

No doubt, it's a war prize, not a peace prize.

 But... at the same time, how about the response from the rest of the 
bourgeoisie's agents?  You might think that the GOP would play the part of 
loyal opposition, congratulate Obama, drum the usual number about "national 
pride" in committee's recognition of the leading role of the US, blah, blah, 
blah...  But of course not, Obama is after all...."well he's not like us, is 
he?" say these experts in the practice of vicious venality. "He's....you 
know... different."

I don't doubt that if Clinton [either one] had won the award, they would 
have acted similarly, but their actions would not have telegraphed the 
acceptability, the downright normality, the welcomeness  of racist 
attitudes, words, actions in the established political arena  that they do 

Greatest tragedy, and greatest truth of US capitalism, in this country's 
history-- not occupying the South with Federal troops for 100 years, 
followed by allowing white Southerners to migrate out of the South to 
California, etc.

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