[Marxism] Atilio Boron on Obama's prize

Ma Chetera missmachetera at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 10:10:00 MDT 2009

Consolation Prize

By Atilio Boron

English translation: Machetera

In an unusual decision, the Norwegian Nobel Committee put an end to  
seven months of searching among the 205 nominees for the Nobel Peace  
Prize and conferred it upon Barack Obama.  The Norwegian committee’s  
decision provoked very mixed international reactions: ranging from  
stupefaction to huge laughter.  The statement by the organization’s  
president, Thorbjorn Jagland got straight to the point: “It’s  
important for the Committee to recognize those people who are  
struggling and idealistic, but we cannot do that every year.  We must  
from time to time go into the realm of realpolitik.  It is always a  
mix of idealism and realpolitik that can change the world.”  The  
problem with Obama is that his idealism remains at the level of  
rhetoric, while in the world of realpolitik, his initiatives could not  
be more antagonistic to the search for peace in this world.


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