[Marxism] Honduras: ‘Nothing will be the same again’, 100 days of struggle and still resisting

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Honduras: ‘Nothing will be the same again’
Federico Fuentes
11 October 2009

*What began as a coup aimed at deposing a millionaire landowner president,
whose “crime” had been to gradually shift Honduras away from US control and
implement mild pro-people reforms, has spurned on a mass resistance movement
with the potential to revolutionise the country. *

full article <http://www.greenleft.org.au/2009/813/41845>

Honduras eyewitness; One-hundred days of struggle and no plans to stop
Karl Cosser, Tegucigalpa
10 October 2009

*The people of Honduras continue to demonstrate against the illegal coup
that overthrew elected President Manuel “Mel” Zelaya on June 28. October 5
marked the 100th day of struggle and 100 days without Mel, the real
president of Honduras.*

 One piece of graffiti reads “100 days of struggle”, while protesters
carried placards saying “100 days and the people are not silenced”.

It is truly inspiring to see people take to the streets after 100 days of
brutal repression from the coup regime, which a majority of Hondurans and
other governments and international institutions do not recognise as the
genuine government.

Full article: http://www.greenleft.org.au/2009/813/41800

Honduras and the battle for the Americas
Federico Fuentes, Caracas
10 October 2009

*US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterating Washington’s support on
October 5 for the Arias Plan to resolve the Honduran crisis, which she hoped
would “get Honduras back on the path to a more sustainable democracy”. But
the plan would see Honduran President Manuel Zelaya return to his post and
sit out the rest of his term without any real power.*

 Clinton said her government was concerned “there has been a pulling away
from democracy, from human rights, from the kind of partnership that we
would want with our neighbours”.

If we remove the Orwellian jargon, what Clinton is saying is clear: at stake
today is either the reaffirmation of US hegemony in a region it has long
controlled via military dictatorship and puppet neoliberal governments, or
the continued advance of a profound democratic movement for change sweeping
the continent.
full article <http://www.greenleft.org.au/2009/813/41801>

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