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I'm not yet 60 years old, and yet a majority -- A MAJORITY -- of  
people that I know of my generation have had some form of cancer,  
including myself. My sister got breast cancer at age 38. Fortunately  
she has survived, but a number of my friends and relatives did not,  
including far too many comrades. Of course, a lot of us are still  
grieving the death of Steffie Brooks. My wife Linda is very involved  
with organic agriculture and radical environmentalism. The socialist  
movement needs to learn about these movements and do what it can to  
bring about a convergence with the labor movement and help them  
succeed. Capitalism is poisoning us!


On Oct 12, 2009, at 12:42 PM, Louis Proyect wrote:

> Opening Thursday at the Quad Cinema in New York and available in home
> video on November 17th, “Food Beware: the French Organic  
> Revolution” is
> a companion piece to films like “Food Inc.” and “The Future of Food”
> that detail the harm done to consumer and nature by chemical farming.
> But “Food Beware” has an added dimension, going one step further to  
> make
> the case that the cancer epidemic of our epoch is directly related to
> the chemical-laden agriculture that has been largely adopted in the
> pursuit of profit. Originally titled “Nos enfants nous accuseront”,  
> this
> documentary by Jean-Paul Jaud explores the same deadly nexus that  
> is the
> subject of Sandra Steingraber’s “Living Downstream”. Stricken by  
> bladder
> cancer in her 20s, Steingraber—a biologist and poet—sought to make the
> connections between cancer and the toxins that seeped into the  
> waters of
> her Illinois farming community. In that book she wrote:
> "To the 89 percent of Illinois that is farmland, an estimated 54  
> million
> pounds of synthetic pesticides are applied each year. Introduced into
> Illinois at the end of World War II, these chemical poisons quietly
> familiarized themselves with the landscape. In 1950, less than 10
> percent of cornfields were sprayed with pesticides. In 1993, 99  
> percent
> were chemically treated."
> read full article: http://louisproyect.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/ 
> food-beware/
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