[Marxism] REGISTER TODAY: Their Crisis/Our Movements: What's Next? A Solidarity Educational Conference, Nov. 13-15

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Mon Oct 12 13:04:03 MDT 2009

I apologize for this shameful plugging of my organization's event, but I
think this would be of general interest to marxmail subscribers, especially
those in the New York City area.   If the formating is not visible here,
please refer to the website listed below.

*Early registration is strongly encouraged*, to make it easy for our friends
arranging childcare, housing and meals.  It only takes a minute and online
payment is equally fast and secure.  Travel subsidies and housing are still

Check out the conference website at http://nysolidarity.org to register,
which is also the NY branch website.

Please forward widely.

[image: THEIR CRISIS * OUR MOVEMENTS—WHAT'S NEXT?] Friday, Nov. 13 - Sunday,
Nov. 15, New York University *A Conference on the Crisis of Capitalism and
Challenges to Social Movements and the Left
Sponsored by Solidarity: A Revolutionary Socialist, Feminist and Anti-Racist

*Click here* <http://www.nysolidarity.org/conferenceregistration> to
register for the conference; pre-registration is strongly encouraged. If you
have any questions, *send an email <nyc at solidarity-us.org>* to
nyc at solidarity-us.org.
   Confirmed speakers as of 9/15 include: David McNally (New Socialist
Group, Canada)
Penelope Duggan (New Anti-Capitalist Party, France)
Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report)
Steve Downs (Transport Workers Union Local 100)
Margaret Stevens (Iraq Veterans Against the War)
Victor Toro (May 1 Coalition)
Reina Gossett (Queers for Economic Justice)
Brandon King (Malcolm X Grassroots Movement)
Pat Korte (Radical Student Union, New School)
*Organizational affiliations listed for identification purposes only

As the worst global economic crisis in seventy years deepens, social
movement organizations and the Left have been forced to rethink our past
strategies. Working people are faced with critical situations at every turn
in the workplace and in their communities.

But in the last year we’ve also seen moments of fightback that point to what
a united response to the crisis would look like. This conference is for all
activists who want to build strong organizations that can transform these
moments into movements. Movements that can take on the assault on the
working class and oppressed—and win. Movements that can be the bedrock on
which we can rebuild the radical Left.

Join organizers from around the country and guests from the international
anti-capitalist left for a weekend of education and discussion about the
causes of the crisis, how to use what we have to build the resistance, and
what kind of movements and Left we need to forge for the future.


*Main Sessions:*

Crisis of Capitalism, Challenge to the Movements
The New Imperialism & the Global Fightback
The State of Resistance in Communities & the Workplace
Socialist Organization Today

*The conference will also feature workshops on* the Labor Movement • Campus
Activism • Immigrant Rights Organizing • Race and Racism in the Age of
Obama: Freedom Struggles Today • Struggles for Housing, Transit and
Education • Feminist Politics and Women’s Organizing under the Crisis •
Queer Liberation and the Left • and the Anti-War Movement

*Click here* <http://www.nysolidarity.org/conferenceschedule> for the
current conference schedule (as of 9/15). Keep checking back for readings,
videos and other materials you can peruse in advance of the school!


*Click here* <http://www.nysolidarity.org/conferenceregistration> to
register for the conference; pre-registration is strongly encouraged.

If you still need to pay for the conference, *click

*Free housing, childcare and meals provided
Travel subsidies available*

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