[Marxism] The real issue in the Polanski arrest

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> 5. As for due process-- Polanski was afforded "due process," certainly as 
> much as any rich white connected male can expect to be afforded in the 

  Well, Polanski is actually really un-american, isn't he? An immigrant, grown 
up in communist poland! 

> 7.  Those who think, however, that this event says anything at all one way 
> or the other about the US judicial and/or political system, are making 
> something out of nothing, or in this case, something out of a scumbag. 
> Literally.

  Anybody who has any trust in the US-american criminal justices system 
(criminal in its real sense) is out of his or her mind. 

  I would protect anybody to be delivered into the claws of that monster, of 
that enemy of humanity, as the Sandinista hymn is singing. I would defend 
and protect anybody from being handed over to that imperialist, predator, 
rogue state. 

  And you are singing praises of that monster, but condemning China and its 
criminal justice system? And want people being handed over to the imperialist 
rogue state? 

  Which side are you on? 

  BTW, why don't also get excited by those pesky members of the IOC 
(International Olympic Committee) who threw out the US american candidate 
for the 2014 Olympic Games in the very first round. Haven't they shown to be 
real anti-americans? One factor in that decision was expressed by a member 
from Pakistan who asked the POTUS after his nice talk about the problems so 
many people have to enter the USA, and how the USA would change this for 
the games? 

   And you think that people should be delivered to that rogue state? 

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