[Marxism] Neoconservative Idiocy: How An Unconstrained Lust for Profit and Power Implodes

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 19:46:02 MDT 2009

Pardon for the mispush of the "send" button....  My finished statement is:

When we're dealing with the neocons, we have to turn to some variant on
Nietzsche like "the will to be stupid."

There's a certain comfort for their base in clinging to utterly stupid
concepts that quickly move complicated issues off the desk and into the out

Then, again, this abdicates any real sense of responsibility.  The tens of
millions who shrieked "traitor" when we doubted that Iraq had "Weapons of
Mass Destruction" offered a collective shrug when it turned out we were
right.  "Who knew?" they said.  "Nobody."   Which is what their fellow
citizens are to those characters.

The Somebodies are in office or running big companies.

We find it hard to understand the decision to just switch off our brains....


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