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*AUDIO: Honduras Tensions Grow
Toni Solo returns to Nicaragua after a week in Honduras where he has
picked up disturbing stories that someone is returning fire on the
police. By most accounts the 'gangs' or 'maras' (closely involved with
the narcotics trade in Central American countries) guarding their
'turf' - but in this case the police were pursuing and firing on a
street demonstration that took refuge in a poor neighbourhood, or
'barrio'. But there was also another armed group defending the
demonstrators who were clearly not gang members - this just a week
after a report that a police station had been overrun and weapons

While the demonstrations are well disciplined and strictly non
violent, if the coup regime does not respond positively to the
deadline offered this October 15 - after 115 days of non violent
protest, some elements might be forgiven for thinking of armed
struggle as an option.

*AUDIO Honduras - breaking news from Ricardo Salgado
While proclaiming to the international community and media that they
are 'prepared to negotiate' the coup regime of Honduras has made it
obvious that there is one point that they will not negotiate - that is
the reinstatement of President Zelaya, who is sheltering in the
Brazilian Embassy. The Micheletti coup regime set up a hydraulic lift
with two snipers wearing night goggles on a level with the second
story of the Embassy, in a clear attempt at further intimidate the
President and his supporters inside. Ricardo Salgado reports from
Honduras in an exclusive interview with community radio 2NimFm.

*AUDIO:Honduras - Toni Solo Pt. 2 - The regional context; Nicaragua's economy
Part 2 of Toni Solo (tortillaconsal)  interview on the regional
context of the Honduras crisis. In this section Toni discusses the
lessons learned from CAFTA after he spent an hour with the Nicaraguan
Minister for Finance.

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