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Sorry, this was meant to be private.

2009/10/13 Néstor Gorojovsky <nmgoro at gmail.com>:
> a) Lüko, I cut my debate with S. Artesian on China with a derogatory
> mention of his defeatism, not so much because I wanted to do it but
> because the moderator asked me not to please get involved in debates
> with this man. However, I think that it is useless to keep such debate
> alive. Do you think Marxmail deserves your efforts? How many people
> read it, how many influential people follow S. Artesian´s opinions?
> b) Do you really think he is a Pol-Potist?
> c) As to the Polanski issue, my take on private line and withouth too
> much knowledge of the events (perhaps no knowledge) is that if he
> raped a 13 year old girl, no amount of political argument can save him
> from the consequences of such act. Didn´t you see that no voice came
> to his defense from Cuba?
> Best...
> 2009/10/13 Lüko Willms <lueko.willms at t-online.de>:
>> S. Artesian (sartesian at earthlink.net) wrote on 2009-10-12 at 20:41:43 in
>> about Re: [Marxism] The real issue in the Polanski arrest:
>>> 1. More nonsense from the man who considers the Shah and OPEC
>>> to be attempts to break the power of imperialism.
>>  The "break the power of imperialism" is your invention which you try to
>> plant on me. You are not honest in the way you conduct your discussion
>> here.
>>   And you have still not answered if you see the Pol-Pot-Regime as a
>> positive experience.
>> Cheers,
>> Lüko Willms
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