[Marxism] The real issue in the Polanski arrest

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 13 06:02:09 MDT 2009

My invention?  Here's what you wrote--

"One should remember also that both Iran and Venezuela were among the
five founding members of OPEC [Organization of Petroleum Exporting
Countries] in 1960, the cartel of "Third World" countries trying to break 
control of the "Seven Sisters", i.e. the oil trusts of imperialist 
the world petroleum market."

As I said, you are, at your best, a dissembler.

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> 1. More nonsense from the man who considers the Shah and OPEC
> to be attempts to break the power of imperialism.

  The "break the power of imperialism" is your invention which you try to
plant on me. You are not honest in the way you conduct your discussion


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