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Néstor Gorojovsky (nmgoro at gmail.com) wrote on 2009-10-13 at 04:11:06 in  
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   Well, since your private mail became public, I might as well answer in 
public to this: 

> c) As to the Polanski issue, my take on private line and withouth too
> much knowledge of the events (perhaps no knowledge) is that if he
> raped a 13 year old girl, no amount of political argument can save him
> from the consequences of such act. 

  Then why does Switzerland not put him on trial? 

  BTW, Polansky did not admit to have raped the woman, but just having had 
sex with her. Friend Sartesian thought he should delivered for that to the the 
USA for that, he even claimed that committing the crime of "sodomy" made 
that mandatory. According to my English dictionary, this means anal sex, and 
I don't think that any state has a say about how people make sex. Such stuff 
is in the same league as making the Christian Bible a mandatory text book in 
school for biology and history of mankind. The next thing is to make sex 
between people of dark and light complexion a criminal offense. 

   I don't see the alleged crimes of this Polish filmmaker as the issue, but the 
pretense of the USA to have the decisive say over the life of each and every 
human being on this planet. 

> Didn't you see that no voice came to his defense from Cuba?

  I haven't seen anything on this issue from Cuba (I do not follow the Cuban 
press regularly, unfortunately). 

  I have just searched at Cubadebate and only found an article by Max 
Lesnik, a simple factual report. Two reader comments. Max Lesnik lives in 
  A Google search for "Polanski" limited to the site www.granma.cubaweb.cu 
did turn up only an old article about a antiwar protests at the 75th Oscar 
celebration (remember Michael Moore with Bowling for Columbine); Polanski 
got an Oscar for "The Pianist" in absence. 

   All the more astonishing is the big bruhaha on this mailing list. 

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