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I'm in the middle of getting the report translated from Swedish, so I can't 
answer for the report.

For myself-- answer 1:  In relation to new higher speed rail-- generally 
considered to be 90-110 miles per hours.  High speed rail is usually 150 mph 
or better.

Answer 2:  Same as 1, to new higher speed rail.  Costs are anywhere from 
6-12 X the cost per mile for high speed rail vs. "normal" higher speed rail. 
And to take traffic away from airlines, as in the LA-SF corridor, you have 
to run a density of traffic that makes proper track maintenance 
problematic-- or at least requires portions of 3rd track.

Transportations' emissions output?  Depends what you mean by transportation: 
plane, auto, truck, or rail?

Diesel locomotives must be "Tier 2 compliant"= meeting the EPA standard for 
reduced emissions,  soon to be tightened to "Tier 3."

High speed rail will require overhead AC electric traction, so the emissions 
in operation are essentially the emissions of the power supplier-- nuclear, 
no emissions other than the occasional release of plutonium, etc. into the 
atmosphere-- nothing to worry about; coal?  beaucoup emissions.

Now the energy that goes into making the steels required for the rail, the 
equipment necessary to maintain the proper track geometry, the trainsets 
etc. has a certain emissions factor, but those emissions could be 
dramatically reduced in the production process-- don't know if that will 

It's not as unlikely as "clean coal," since there is no such thing as clean 
coal, but I don't really expect the bourgeoisie to impose more stringent 
regulations on industrial emissions.
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