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*Honduras - more breaking news from Ricardo Salgado
Ricardo Salgado reports from Honduras on the withdrawal of Resistance
Front Representative from the 'dialogue' between President Zelaya and
the coup regime. A positive outcome is not likely, and it seems that
repression of the Honduran people by the coup regime is growing
proportionately. The interview was paused while Ricardo went out to
investigate the sound of shooting in the streets - a sound he says,
the Honduran people have become all too used to.

* Honduras - Israel Salinas habla (Spanish)
Israel Salinas del CUTH explicando lo que pasa en una semana critica
para Honduras - 'Dialogo' con los golpistas incluyo un representante
del Frente de Resistencia, Juan Barahona. Barahona se sentio obligado
a retirar del dialogo, porque El Frente esta comprometido de no
acceptar la condicion de prohibir una Asamblea Constituyente. Sin
embargo El Frente sigue fuerte en su apoyo al Presidente Zelaya.

(Israel Salinas, Union leader of the CUTH explains what is happening
at the beginnin of a critical week for Honduras. The 'dialogue' with
the coup regime included a representative of the massive Honduran
Resistance Front, Juan Barahona. Barahona felt obliged to withdraw
from the 'dialogue' process because the Front is committed not to
accept a condition that would prohibit a Constituent Assembly.
Nevertheless, the Front is still strong in its support of President
Zelaya. )ma
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