[Marxism] The National Equality March: A New Generation of Protesters

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Tue Oct 13 22:10:47 MDT 2009

Fact: The last National March in 1993 had almost one million people

         Thus comparing - it failed to even come close to something that was built without 

         the benefit of the internet - and look at the depth of endorsers, to show how small

         this so called national march for equality truly was - poor organizing!


         The Parks Police did not give an estimate then or of this recent 2009 event.

         One can check all the standard legitimate ways to measure sizes of crowds on the 

         National Malll - by space covered and density.


         One can also check the numbers of buses and trains chartered and filled to also 

         judge attendance.    


         There was plenty of space on the mall this time - as compared to 1993, etc.

         Since the event organizers were pro-Obama - why did not the large numbers among

         GLBT activists in organiations, not show up for this event?  Facts are facts and

         words are only - this march was organized top down, no democratic decision

         making, run by democratic party operatives - as compared to the earlier larger 

         successful marches.


         Again follow the money on the expensives and who was paid and received funds.

         And what accountability is there now for the funds after this march?  Remember

         David Mixner's previous 1980's Great Peace March - that he abandoned the marches 

         at the beginning of that march by foot across the U. S. as they entered the desert

         after his lavish spending?  Or the earlier Oct - Dec 1969 Moratorium Committee he

         and Sam Brown also abandoned?  The real leaders of this event were all democratic

         party operatives - and the ISO was taken in.  Watch the 10/11/09 DC rally on 

         tape - and tell me what was so progressive - about how this was organized - and

         what was said as compared to the earlier real national marches.  But the ISO was

         not involved in those - so I guess they do not matter - only this event - that was

         just so so very very large - that it was a tenth of the size of the previous march,

         that did not have the internet, but was more community based than this event!



> Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 23:18:38 -0400
> From: amaral1871 at gmail.com

> This post is so full of outright misinformation and vapid polemic that it is
> hardly even worthy of a response. But to point out one egregious fallacy,
> that the march was 'poorly attended': there were easily over 150,000 people
> there.  Park police estimated the turnout at 150,000. March organizers said 200,000.
> And the Associated Press estimated the crowd at 300,000.
> On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 10:58 PM, John Obrien <causecollector at msn.com>wrote:
> > Having been on the National Steering Committees of the 1979 and 1987
> > National Lesbian and Gay Rights Marches on Washington DC - here is my
> > feedback:
> >
> > This Oct 11, 2009 event (so called March) was poorly attended - and much
> > smaller compared to the previous real national marches.
> > The major reason is that it was called and controlled by three people!
> > There was no national organizing conference, as in the previous three
> > national marches (1979, 1987, 1993) that invited all to participate and to
> > set up a political and financial accountable organization, that was grass
> > roots based. The three main organizers of this 10/11/09 event who controlled
> > everything - were democratic party adherents, who wanted to keep this as a
> > lobbying/pressure group and not to let it get beyond that. They succeeded
> > in controlling it - but did not advance the GLBT Movement, by what they did.
> >
> >
> > This so called march - which was more a staged event - was a setback - not
> > an advance for the GLBT Movement. Instead of following a good tradition of
> > having a grass roots based demorcratic decision making organization, that
> > was inclusive and welcoming - this top down controlled event, instead took
> > place.

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