[Marxism] The National Equality March: A New Generation of Protesters

Dan Russell proletariandan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 08:22:39 MDT 2009

John - Strategy and logic of the ISO's participation aside...a few
points on your critique:

1. Some see the technology generation as being less likely to engage
in this sort of action, though there is no doubt that the internet and
everything else makes organizing much easier.

2. If the earlier, 'more successful' demonstrations were more
grassroots, independent, radical, etc. then why did this march even
happen? What were the long-term effects of these earlier

3. My understanding is that there was a steering committee for the
march which the ISO was a part of. I'm not sure who the three people
you're talking about are or the details that make this march so much
more undemocratic than the past ones but suffice to say that it was a
manifestation of a new generation of activists who are frustrated but
not yet ready to give up on Obama or the Democrats. That doesn't mean
that the ISO isn't going to turn out or endorse the march. The most
immediate demands of the march were clear - abolish don't ask don't
tell & DOMA, pass ENDA - with the ultimate goal of full equality for
all. The ISO is not shy to advertise that the only way to real sexual
equality and freedom is socialist revolution, but we're not at the
point of building a broad movement based on that or even a complete
break with the Democrats, which we also advocate.

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