[Marxism] Overproduction - underconsumption

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 14 09:12:53 MDT 2009

I never give investment advice. Remember, the markets are fundamentally 

My advice to myself , which I did follow as a matter of fact, was to get out 
of stocks in 2000, and then get out of everything in 2007 except US Treasury 
instruments.  The reasoning behind both those decisions? 
Overproduction/rate of profit [which on careful analysis become the same 
thing]. And that, comrade, is why I was able to retire from the railroad 

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> Artesian writes:
> ...so I wouldn't
>> rush out and buy shares in Baosteel based on the WSA article, know what I
>> mean?
> ==================================
> Jeez, Artesian, anyone following your investment advice would have been
> short China and long the US market since 2000, and we know where they'd be
> now - where you would be if you followed your own forecasts: looking for a
> job as a Walmart greeter or back on the railroad. :)

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