[Marxism] Statement against Government of India’s planned military offensive in adivasi-populated regions

Rajesh Roy rajeshcherian at yahoo.co.in
Wed Oct 14 10:54:55 MDT 2009

Without explicit initiative from existing anti-communist right-wing forces like Mamta's TMC, the so-called "social movements" won't have had any existence in the first place.. as the article correctly points out, the initial motivation was purely limited to exploiting issues to advantage and thus score in the maze of Bengal's state politics.. it was on this foundation that the ultra-revolutionaries sought to build their network in Bengal.. and they have murdered scores of CPI(M) cadres on behalf of Mamta.. one eagerly waits to hear what Mamta has to say regarding the planned federal action against her proteges in Bengal..

I hope and suppose the author of the article does not believe that the "march of industrial capitalism" in India can be stopped using guns.. whether it is radical notes or Sanhati or such others, the question for them and their proponents is the same.. is there a murdering path to socialism/communism? 

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