[Marxism] India and Armed Struggle

sobuadhaigh at hushmail.com sobuadhaigh at hushmail.com
Wed Oct 14 13:23:05 MDT 2009

Rajesh wrote:
 "...the question for them and their 
proponents is the same.. is there a 
murdering path to socialism/communism?"

No, the question should be: is armed struggle 
a legitimate path to socialism/communism
in India? The same question could be raised 
for the Philippines, or Palestine, or
even Northern Ireland. That revolutionary
movements exist in all those places 
committed to socialist transformation 
through military means does raise important 
issues. Those issues take on an added
urgency now that the Indian state is 
preparing its war of extermination 
against the Maoists.

Rajesh, you keep describing the Naxalites 
as "ultra revolutionaries." Given your
comment above wouldn't it be more accurate 
to simply label them as criminals?
Murder is a crime and in the words of 
Maggie Thatcher consigning the hunger 
strikers to death-
        "Crime is crime is crime."

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