[Marxism] India and Armed Struggle

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 13:44:56 MDT 2009

Indeed, I think the same question can be raised for places like 
Palestine, or
even Northern Ireland or the Philippines. How's that working out, exactly?

Palestine itself is not engaged in armed struggle for socialism. If so, 
I missed the memo. They are engaged in a defensive, somewhat 
centrifugally expressed *defensive* armed struggle.

Ireland...we all know that's lead...

and the Philippines has resulted in almost the total demobilization, 
often leading to gangsterism, of the NPA. Most communists are no longer 
anywhere near the CPP anymore, having rejected Sison's armed struggle 
strategy as antiquated and not fitting the mostly urban population that 
makes up the Philippines today.

Armed struggle *can work* if it intersects a truly revolutionary 
movement of the *masses*. But if not, it ends up being like it was, or 
is, in the Philippines, or Peru, where the armed struggle does not 
reflect the consciousness of the masses but in fact bypasses, 
completely, the people they are supposed to be leading.

The need to build a revolutionary party OF the working class and 
peasantry in these countries is still on the agenda and armed struggles 
actions by dedicated militants often bypasses the working class in this 

It seems like in India's increasingly urban environment, even if with 
local or small regional successes, India is not unlike the Philippines 
in this regard. The Maoists there seem to have bypassed the large urban 
centers and focused on the lower populated rural areas which, in many 
ways, seems to have isolated them.

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