[Marxism] India and Armed Struggle

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 14 14:15:09 MDT 2009

I never had any SWP/LTF days to begin with and I'm not "opposed" to arm 
struggle either.  But look at N. Ireland, Palestine, the Philippines.  And 
look at Nepal.  Exactly what has happened in Nepal, specifically?

We know what happened in Nicaragua.  In Cuba, the July 26th movement was not 
simply, solely, armed struggle in the Oriente.

One more big big big consideration-- there is no longer a Soviet Union to 
defend, protect, subsidize countries where the armed struggle has been 

Certainly it, armed struggle, happens, but is it, in and of itself, a 
successful revolutionary strategy?  The answer is clearly no.

All I was trying to do was clarify the question that needs to be asked.

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