[Marxism] 'Deal agreed' in Honduras crisis

Fred Fuentes fred.fuentes at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 16:28:16 MDT 2009

'Deal agreed' in Honduras
BBC. October 14, 2009.

The political crisis in Honduras appears to be closer to a resolution after
negotiators reached a deal.

However few details are known of the deal which has yet to be approved by
ousted President Manuel Zelaya and interim President Roberto Micheletti.

Mr Zelaya was sent into exile in June, but has been inside Brazil's embassy
since secretly returning in September.

He wants to be reinstated before 29 November elections, but the interim
leaders have resisted his demands.

They say he was legally removed from office as he had violated the Honduran

Mr Zelaya has set a deadline of Thursday for agreement to be reached.

"Elections without the reinstatement of the constitutional (elected)
president would legitimise and authorise more coups in Honduras," Mr Zelaya
told the AFP news agency before negotiators announced a deal had been

"Reinstatement after the fact (vote) is something we will not accept."

Mr Micheletti has repeatedly resisted calls for Mr Zelaya to be restored to

His position is that Mr Zelaya was removed according to the Honduran
constitution, and that to reverse that decision would be illegal.


Mr Zelaya was sent into exile on 28 June after trying to hold a vote on
whether a constituent assembly should be set up to look at rewriting the

The vote was deemed in violation of the constitution by the Supreme Court.

Mr Zelaya's opponents accused him of trying to lift the current ban on
presidential re-election to remain in office - a charge he has repeatedly

Some commentators point out that a new constitution allowing presidential
re-election was unlikely to have been ready before January 2010, when Mr
Zelaya's term was due to end.

International sanctions against the interim government have cost Honduras,
one of the region's poorest nations, millions of dollars.

Curfews and restrictions on civil liberties have also disrupted the lives of
ordinary Hondurans over the past four months.

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