[Marxism] Subject: Re: India and Armed Struggle

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 09:39:51 MDT 2009

I would like to second Dave Walter's remarks about armed struggle. Armed
struggle, when it is part of a social revolution or national liberation
struggle which mobilizes masses of the people, can win. Viet Nam, China,
Cuba, Russia, and Mexico were good examples in the 20th century. When it is
conducted unconnected to a living mass movement, it is destructive to
mobilizing one. Colombia is a case in point. The mass movement here was
"demobilized" by state and paramilitary terror, but the military struggles
of the FARC and ELN never were able to take that into account. They
substituted money to purchase arms for mass popular support, and they
substituted themselves for the mass movement. The results were disastrous
for both of those groups, and for efforts to remobilize the mass movement.

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