[Marxism] The National Equality March: A New Generation of Protesters

Christopher Hutchinson christopher.hutch at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 11:01:58 MDT 2009

I would first like to thank John for all the great organizing he has done
the GLBT movement.  However, the reality is it doesn't really matter at this
point who organized the march, who it was organized by, etc. The fact is
of young people many new to activism stepped out on to the street for the
time and were excited to take part in a mass mobilization.  while it was not
1 million people, 150,000 people or 200,000 is a decent starting point
considering the
right wing tea party backlash we've witnessed recently.  Now as responsible
we need to orient these new folks to a democratic perspective.

The fact that it was oriented to the Dems doesn't even matter, the Dems gave
us revolutionaries a giant platform to meet all sorts of newly radicalized
youth.  I can't tell you how many students came back excited, many who want
to take part in socialist study groups!

In 2006 when millions of immigrants took to the streets in many cases it was
promoted by
the Catholic church and also oriented toward the Dems but that moment in
time certainly radicalized a huge swath of the Latino community.

I think we need to continue to organize and find these young new radical
GLBT activists who are just starting to see in Obama his many
contradictions.  Many that I have talked to have also made the connection to
the broader economic struggle and continuation of the wars in Iraq and

in solidarity,

c. hutch

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 12:25 AM, John Obrien <causecollector at msn.com>wrote:

> 1- Organizing is easier on one level (for those with computers) -  but this
> last weekend event, only had one tenth the number of the last national
> march.
> 2 - The partial answer to your point two is - the Oct. 11, 2009 event took
> that date because of the successes that the Oct. 11, 1987 National March had
> - they admit that in their calling for this date.  If you do not know what
> the actual changes and effects that the earlier real national marches had -
> then I ask you to learn Gay history.  And Marxists understand why movements
> need to be grass roots from bottom up and not controlled by a few - if they
> are to be truly successful in the long run.  Sorry to be so short and crude
> on this but a complete answer would take more than room for this email!
> 3 - Again my original email stated if the ISO leadership really cared about
> the development
> and growth of an independent mass GLBT Movement - it would have done its
> homework and contacted the previous national march organizers to encourage
> them for their insight and experiences and what needed to be done to create
> a successful march.  Instead they went to David Mixner and followed Cleve
> Jones and Torrie Osborne - and following them - that is not leading - and
> that is the problem - the ISO wanted to be with people in motion - and never
> cared what this was doing to the already exisiting GLBT Movement in
> relationship to this.  This march did not bring needed unity - and if it was
> successful (and it was not) - it would have allowed a billionaire to then
> call on their own, the next so called national march.
> I have worked for 40 years to help build the GLBT Movement - and I wish the
> ISO would first learn what makes up the GLBT Communities - before they go
> blindly forward!  It will only lead to disappointment and wasted effort -
> because the ISO was being used by others who are center-right social
> democrats.  They went backward not forward with how this march was called,
> organized and its politics projected - pretty sad in 2009 to be going
> backward!!!!!!!
> The ISO was not in the leadership of the earlier national marches - and
> therefore appraently does not care about that work and what it created -
> such as instituting that a national conference open to all should decide on
> the march and its demands and makeup. They seem to only care about what they
> can achieve.  That is sectarian, divisive and trashes the work of those who
> came before them.
> Poor organizing and strategy to recruit a few members at the expense of a
> movement!
> > Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 09:22:39 -0500
> > From: proletariandan at gmail.com
> > Subject: Re: [Marxism] The National Equality March: A New Generation of
> Protesters
> > To: causecollector at msn.com
>  >
> > John - Strategy and logic of the ISO's participation aside...a few
> > points on your critique:
> >
> > 1. Some see the technology generation as being less likely to engage
> > in this sort of action, though there is no doubt that the internet and
> > everything else makes organizing much easier.
> >
> > 2. If the earlier, 'more successful' demonstrations were more
> > grassroots, independent, radical, etc. then why did this march even
> > happen? What were the long-term effects of these earlier
> > demonstrations?
> >
> > 3. My understanding is that there was a steering committee for the
> > march which the ISO was a part of. I'm not sure who the three people
> > you're talking about are or the details that make this march so much
> > more undemocratic than the past ones but suffice to say that it was a
> > manifestation of a new generation of activists who are frustrated but
> > not yet ready to give up on Obama or the Democrats. That doesn't mean
> > that the ISO isn't going to turn out or endorse the march. The most
> > immediate demands of the march were clear - abolish don't ask don't
> > tell & DOMA, pass ENDA - with the ultimate goal of full equality for
> > all. The ISO is not shy to advertise that the only way to real sexual
> > equality and freedom is socialist revolution, but we're not at the
> > point of building a broad movement based on that or even a complete
> > break with the Democrats, which we also advocate.
> >
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