[Marxism] Nader's Billionaire Raiders

Jay Clinton jayclinton88 at yahoo.ie
Thu Oct 15 15:56:51 MDT 2009

I just heard an interview Nader did with Matthew Rothschild, of The Progressive, about his billionaire-as-saviors novel and the general outlook for a progressive agenda in the US. The interview does not yet seem to be available on the Progressive website, but it should be there soon. 

For those who respect Nader, this interview should help. It's fairly thoughtful and, given that we always knew he was a believer in a utopian capitalism, reasonable from his point of view. The whole idea of a Nader novel is unnerving, and Ican't bring myself to look at it, but give him credit for still trying (within his parameters). His guest host shot on Saturday Night Live in the 70's is well worth seeing as a bookend to the novel - although who can tell what Ralph has in store next?

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