[Marxism] Armed Strugle

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Thu Oct 15 21:05:04 MDT 2009

Artesian wrote:

"You say that the relationship between armed
and mass struggle requires serious consideration.
Indeed it does. Consideration more serious than
simple praise, defense, of the actions of a sect
"that opposes class-conscious mass actions."

I am most certainly reading your postings
on this topic. You apparently are not reading
mine. Nowhere have I ever offered simple
praise for the Naxalites or anybody
else for that matter. I asked Rajesh 
if they are criminals. I will ask you 
the same thing.

"What is the content of that
confrontation? Self-style vanguards,
wearing Chairman Mao buttons marching
in the streets with AK 47s and red books?"

Again I have no idea whose postings
you are reading because they are certainly
not mine. I discussed the evidence of growing
political polarization and the fraying of
vaunted consensus that gave American capitalism 
such tremendous political stability.
People screaming "kill him" and carrying
assault rifles outside public appearances
by the president are not "thinly veiled
threats." The display of raw right
wing hatred this summer is an indication
of a deepening political polarization 
fully capable of developing into 
violent confrontation. The people I 
witnessed in screaming fights with
the tea baggers were definitely not
from any nano vanguard.

"As for what the American people would or
would not stand for, I think your
assessment is rather superficial, shallow,
and precisely because you base
it on some allegiance, imagined or real,
that you think you, or Marxists,
might or might not share with the
"American people" about Constitutional
provisions and "social contracts."

The observation that there is
a distinctive political culture heavily
influenced by such things as Enlightenment
notions of democratic rights and a
social contract is neither superficial
or shallow. American history does indeed
form the objective conditions that
radicals must either ignore or engage with.
Who said anything about an "allegiance"
to the US Constitution" Marxists must share?
The revolutionary struggle in this country
will indeed be closely involved in the
struggle to protect democratic rights
or it will remain confined to online
posturing and very small groups with
very long names. I do not share your 
pessimism that a military coup or the
suspension of the Bill of Rights 
would elicit nothing in the way of 
mass resistance.

"There is no Soviet Union to prop up 
a Mao, an NLF etc."

I don't have the figures on the tonnage 
of logistical support flowing from the
Soviet Union to China but it is a safe
bet that the vast majority of their aid 
went to the Guomindang because of the 
military alliance period extending from 
1930's through the end of WWII. That the 
Chinese Communist party emerged 
victorious in that struggle does
indicate to me that it is possible to 
have a mass, rural, peasant based 
movement that is class conscious 
precisely because of their invovlemet
an armed struggle to contest state power. 
This is no guarantee of anybody else being 
to do this, of course, and I would
advise against traveling in those 
areas of India currently targeted 
by the government in order to do
your own investigation. It would also 
be wise to base your analysis of 
the Naxalite movement on more than a
couple of posts from one Marxmail 
subscriber and a superficial/shallow 
comparison to Sendero Luminoso. 

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