[Marxism] The National Equality March: A New Generation of Protesters

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Thu Oct 15 21:51:00 MDT 2009

Perhaps you should look at that button you have again!!!


I was on the Steering Committees of both the October 14, 1979 March on Washington and the Oct. 11, 1987 March on Washington.  I was also among the four people at the War Conference held in Virginia in 1988, that called for and led to be enacted, that October 11 be annually held as National Coming Out Day.  I also have all those buttons over the years as well.


Stick to the politics - you may have a better chance - than to discuss buttons and dates on them - since that is definitely a field of expertise, that I do have (beyond my being a direct participant, in the decision making of these events).


Also please look at the official October 11, 1987 March Program issued - it list myself and the two 1979 March National co-chairs, as being the callers and responsible for the Oct. 11 March happening then.  Would you like to see that document?  Just contact any Gay archives and you can view a copy, if you do not believe me.



John O'Brien


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> Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 05:44:29 -0700
> Subject: Re: [Marxism] The National Equality March: A New Generation of Protesters
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> John O'Brien: "the Oct. 11, 2009 event took that date because of the successes that
> the Oct. 11, 1987 National March had - they admit that in their calling
> for this date."
> Not to be picky, but since you claim to be one of the organizers of the 1987 march you should know that it was held on Oct. 14, 1987, not Oct. 11 (and I have the button to prove it).
> Eli Stephens
> Left I on the News

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