[Marxism] Gay Patriotism: Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Fri Oct 16 06:41:05 MDT 2009

Mark is right, of course. But that does not excuse the fact that NO gay 
or lesbian groups (and few left groups, so far as I have been able to 
tell) are actually opposing militarism. (A year or so ago, I recall the 
Freedom Socialist Party actually saying that joining the military would 
be a good thing--presumably to agitate from within.) That was the point 
of my post, although no one on the list so far has addressed that 
indication of the pathetic patriotic and militaristic outlook of today's 
gay movement. That is undoubtedly a sign of the general decay and 
irrelevance of most of the American left, which now does little more 
than tailend the ruling class's and the Democrat Party's agenda for 
same-sexers (witness last weekend's DC march). Apparently, some leftists 
think that Marxism requires no more of them than to press for 
"democratic rights." Are they waiting for the inevitable day when the 
ruling class repeals DADT to begin to agitate against gays in the 
military? Whatever happened to the idea of Resistance against militarism?
    A decade ago, my boyfriend--who came from the same poor background 
that leads many young men and women to join the American killing 
machine--had the good sense to refuse to cooperate in any way with the 
Selective Service. At 16 he said he would flee the country if they 
reinstated the draft, and at 18 he refused to register with the SS (as 
is required). These are moral issues that perhaps nobody on the list has 
faced, but his choices made me proud--no hemming and hawing about how 
important it is for same-sexers to be able to serve the criminal 
Pentagon enterprise.

Mark Lause wrote:
> The reason people recruitment disproportionately nets people of color and
> the poor is because most people don't think of military service the way we
> do.  For most of them, it's a job, a chance at education, etc.
> ML

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