[Marxism] Armed Strugle

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Where were we?  Oh yes, you said that the real question is if armed struggle 
is a legitimate path to socialism in India.  I responded, that the real 
question is if armed struggle can be a substitute/replacement for 
class-conscious mass action.  David W. responded that he had nothing against 
armed struggle.  And I replied that neither do I.  But armed struggle as 
practiced by the Naxalites, by the Shining Path, by early Debray's 
theoretical focos, in the Irish struggle, and as Anthony pointed out by the 
FARC, is/was seen as a replacement for class-conscious mass action.

Now, is there evidence to the contrary?  Is there evidence that the 
Naxalites use armed struggle as part of an integrated strategic approach to 
power-- which would necessarily include, actually emphasize and give 
priority to, class-conscious mass-based struggle?  If there is that 
evidence, I would be most grateful if it were posted--  and no, entering a 
village, killing a or all police and or wealthy landowners, even creating 
"liberated zones" does not, IMO, constitute class-conscious mass-based 
struggle.  But we can debate that later on.

Are the Maoists "criminal"?  Certainly not in the way the Indian government 
applies, employs the term-- as a term to protect the sanctity of private 
property, as a cover for state repression against the rural poor.  But, and 
there is more than just the statement from one comrade that attests to the 
actions of the Naxalites in the killings of militants from other communist 
groups, in terms of that very same class-conscious mass struggle, the 
actions of the Naxalites against those militants are most definitely 

Is it your contention that Maoists have not engaged in those actions against 
militants from other groups?  Are you contending that such actions are 
justified by the demands of arm struggle?

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