[Marxism] IMF style austerity in the works for the USA?

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
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No, no, no, the "long term health" does not depend on a weaker dollar to 
spur investment in US production and increase the competitiveness of the US 
economy, and what investment does occur because of the weaker dollar will 
not decrease unemployment and increase workers' income.

How do we know this?  Because we've lived through such periods before-- like 
the Reagan era, like the Bush era, like the Bush 2 era, and we lived through 
a period  when real investment took place, and for a brief period, the 
decline in workers' wages was reversed-- we call that the W. Clinton era--  
just the opposite took place-- the dollar strengthened.

Look at the recovery after the 2001-2003 recession, the decline in the 
relative value of the dollar from 2003-2007-- that was a period of 
tremendous restriction on investment in US based production [until 2006], 
and the slowest job creation and wage growth in an period of "recovery" from 
recession in the postwar period.

The bourgeoisie don't give a rat's ass about domestic based production, 
about investment, about anybody's income other than their own.  They don't 
think past the next quarter, when it comes to long-term, or short-term 
health of the economy.  All they care about is profit.  If letting the 
dollar sink gives them a better margin in the world markets, well say hello 
to the Titanic.

When the Russia or China or Brazil talks about "replacing"  the dollar--  
they are 1) whistling as they pass by a graveyard that includes their names 
on the tombstones 2) "vogueing" for the media 3) wishing and hoping that 
something, somebody  can find a way out the predicament of their and the 
US's own making.

As things resume getting worse after this faux spring of capitalism, we can 
look for greater trade conflict, tariffs etc. and we might even see a 
growing sense of the US bourgeoisie that they themselves don't want the 
dollar to be the reserve currency, don't want to have to front open ended 
currency lines to Japan, the EU, Brazil, Switzerland, UK, So.Korea.

I do like, however, the questions you raise at the end of your post.

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