[Marxism] Correction/INLA

sobuadhaigh at hushmail.com sobuadhaigh at hushmail.com
Fri Oct 16 20:18:44 MDT 2009

My Thanks to Donal on correcting my post
referring to he Irish National Liberation
Army - INLA. From the INLA prisoners 
in the Irish Republic came this statement
posted recently on the Gaelico blog. 

“We, the members of the Tony McClelland Cumann, 
E4 Landing Portlaoise Gaol, unanimously support 
the leadership of the Republican Socialist 
Movement and in doing so fully endorse the 
ongoing developments presently taking place.

We fully support the leadership of the Irish 
National Liberation Army and the decision that 
“The armed struggle is over.” We look forward 
with confidence as our movement continues to 
work towards achieving our ultimate goal of 
establishing a 32 County Irish Socialist Republic.

Saoirse go deo”.

Paul Kelly, Gerard Mackin, Eugene Kelly, 
Jonathan Keogh, Noel Mooney, Paddy Walls, 
Owen Claile, Dennis Dwyer, Neil Myles, 
John McCrossan, Gerard Kelleher, Thomas Kelly, 
Barry Petticrew, David O’Connor

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