[Marxism] Conference in Moscow. Please, post

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Sat Oct 17 08:31:05 MDT 2009

Sounds absolutely fascinating.  I can't think of any more crucial topic, 
particularly in Russia, at this time.  Will the discussion include analyses 
of other relationships between leaders and masses, like Mussolini and the 
Italian masses, FDR and the US masses, Vargas and the Brazilian masses, Mao 
and the Chinese masses, Sukarno and the Indonesian masses, Sihanouk and the 
Cambodian masses, Hitler and the German masses?  And let us not omit the 
Pope [any pope] and the Catholic Masses.

Has it really been 130 years?  It seems just like yesterday to me.  Gosh, 
how time flies...

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Dear Louis,

I am still not in the List and have a problem to post anything as
well. I communicated with Les and he kindly sent to me all the issues
of List's digest since September 16, since  I was out of the system. I
think that the information  which I have might be interesting either
for the Marxmail List or for the Soviet_Legacy members. Would you help
me to post it, of you'll find it interesting ? On the List would be
better, for it came to me in Russian and Spanish. I will send to you
in Spanish, but if you need, I will translated the Russian into
English, what will  should reach even  the broader audience.

The title of Conference is: The Role of Masses and The Leader in the
History. And it is dedicated to the 130-th birthday date of Stalin.
Some quite good people are there, as far as I can understand names
disclosed. The Chair and organizer  is the Georgian  Communist.
I have sent the same information to Les. It is pasted below now:

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