[Marxism] Is Goldstone the tipping point for Israel?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 15:43:52 MDT 2009

Nasir wrote:

> . Israel can manage some dissenting voices here and there. Such
> voices have no impact on the objectives of the Zionist Israel. What
> really matters is  the overwhelming military power and support of the
> US imperialism for the  Zionist masters.

Hi Nasir,

Well I think I am on the opposite side to you here.  Of course one can never
discount military might, but to give it the pe-eminence that I take you to
be giving it is surely an instance of "vulgar materialism".

What is crucial here for me is that the moral basis of the Zionist project
has dissipated.  This is perhaps most clearly to be seen in the case of the
decay of the kibbutz movement.

Of course Zionism was always a colonial movement that managed to present
itself as somehow "coming home". The Shoah lent an urgency and a moral gloss
to the project but the brutal realities of Zionism in practice have come
increasingly to be seen as a replay of the horrors of Nazi thuggery with
this time the Zionists as the perpetrators rather than the vicitms.

As the world recoils more and more in horror from the policies of the likes
of Barak, Livni and Netanyahu then Israel becomes more and more under threat
of accelerated internal decay and collapse.

I also take you to be saying that Israel directs US policy. Again I
disagree.  Israel is the tail and the US is very much the dog.  The taill
may be jerking around quite actively but the master is still very much in

comradely regards


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