[Marxism] Large Hadron Collider: Swindle of the Century?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sat Oct 17 20:20:03 MDT 2009

At 20:25 17/10/09 -0400, jayroth6 wrote:
>A fellow activist in Cleveland (http://twitter.com/tovX) forwarded this to
me under the title 
>"For Just This BS $6 bln is Stolen from Workers"
The article pointed to in TGdaily is absolute bullshit. Trash. There's
certainly no talk about "god" by actual physicists or in the paper pointed
to (which is indeed a rather far-fetched paper). There are surely
hundreds/thousands of papers proposing experiments for the LHC which will
investigate some very fundamental physics.

>So these are the "great questions" that funding the LHC with dollars
sweated and bled from workers
I could hardly justify diverting this kind of money if it would otherwise
have gone to feeding the hungry. But suffice it to say that the amount of
actual scientific knowledge expected to be gained from this apparatus is
tremendously greater than would be gained from spending $1 trillion on a
human mission to Mars (as Bush pushed for). Even sending people to the moon
again would cost more than $6 billion (at today's prices), also having
almost no scientific value.

I hope that help's put the issue more in perspective.

- Jeff

> worldwide was supposed to answer? There are people dying for want of food
out here.
>God sabotaged the LHC, say scientists

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