[Marxism] self determination for oppressors

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Oct 18 08:08:23 MDT 2009

Marv Gandall wrote:
> It's not possible to conceive of a socialist revolution in Palestine/Israel
> which would not involve the participation of the Jewish masses, and if such
> were to come to pass, the question of a "Jewish state", especially in terms
> of what it has come to represent, would be moot. It's very unlikely that
> Hebrew-speaking revolutionaries, having shed their blood with
> Arabic-speaking Palestinians against the Zionists and the Zionist idea,
> would be asking, if anything, for more than the new state's support for the
> preservation of their language and culture.

But the conflict is not about language and culture. It is about power, 
land, wealth, etc.

And, furthermore, what is so amazing about the Zionist project is its 
inability to think outside the box. South Africa abandoned apartheid but 
did nothing to attack the power, land, and wealth of the white minority. 
A more clever Zionist leadership would abandon the racial basis of the 
state and put the ineffable Abbas in charge of the government. Nothing 
would change, however.

But since the presence of religious zealots in the veins of Israeli 
society prevents this, the inevitable outcome will be like Algeria no 
matter how long it takes. The demographics favor this.

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