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Fox News Network
October 7, 2009 Wednesday

BECK: Boy, that sounds positively un-American. Yesterday, we had two 
stories that seemed like no big deal if you didn't know what was behind 
them. The first story was about the government getting into Internet 
regulation. Remember, protect you from the shady Internet blogger trying 
to scam you into buying the perfect pancake maker. Oh, the government is 
here just trying to help you. Remember that?

Also, the other story was the FTC - not the FCC, but the FTC - they are 
just getting together for a little lunch, you know, a conference in 
December, the 1st and 2nd in December. They just want to talk about how 
they can help journalists do their job.

Oh, I would like to have a little speech there, too. They want to know, 
should there be extra funding for journalists? Should there be tax 
credits for certain news organizations?

Rupert, gravy train is about to come, I'm sure. Should the government be 
more involved? OK. Remember those two stories here. Now, let me 
introduce you now to a friend of Mark Lloyd's. In fact, he is also a 
friend of Van Jones.

He founded a little group called Free Press. They are looking for 
anything but free press. Let me tell you a little bit about the founder, 
Robert McChesney. He is the former editor of "Monthly Review," which he 
himself has described as one of the most important Marxist publications 
in the world, let alone the United States.

He is a backer of Hugo Chavez, the crackdown on the media, and even 
suggested that owners of a TV station that was critical of Chavez should 
be arrested for treason. My, that sounds like Mark Lloyd. I wonder if 
they know each other.

He has said, quote, about the U.S. "Any serious effort to reform the 
media system would have to be necessarily part of a revolutionary 
program to overthrow the capitalist system itself. Also, there is no 
real answer, but to remove, brick by brick, the capitalist system 
itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles."

Well, why not? We're all socialists now. "We need to do whatever we can 
to limit capitalist propaganda, regulate it, minimize it, and perhaps 
even eliminate it."

Quote "The fight against hyper-commercialism becomes especially 
pronounced in the area of digital communications." Wow, that wouldn't be 
the Internet, would it?

Here is yet another far-left radical who hates capitalism. Now, let me 
tell you a little bit more about Free Press. Free Press worked with 
Obama during his to help develop his tech policies. Whoa! What were some 
of those quotes we just had? And he was there helping develop the tech 
policies of this White House?

Free Press has three confirmed meetings now with Obama's FCC to work on 
new Internet regulations - "Hi, we're from the government, and we're 
just here to help." The FCC chairman, not to be confused with the 
diversity czar - this is the chairman of the FCC, Julius Genachowski - 
chose Free Press spokeswoman, Jen Howard, to be his press secretary.

Yes. The Marxist group, the most important Marxist group, possibly in 
the world, but definitely in America - that person was taken to be his 
spokesperson? Free Press also co-authored "The Structural Imbalance of 
Talk Radio."

They do know Mark Lloyd, because that's the book that Mark Lloyd - and 
in that book they argued for the government to remedy the problem of 
conservative voices on talk radio by, among other things, forcing 
commercial owners who fail to abide by their rules to pay a fee that 
would subsidize public broadcasting.

I said at the beginning, freedom of speech is the most important right, 
because if I can't meet you with tonight and, in the same breath, let me 
say this, if Keith Olbermann cannot meet with you every night, if we're 
not allowed to say things that other people find offensive, if we're not 
allowed to talk to each other and express opinions, well, then anyone 
could get away with just about anything, don't you think?

Will the press, the actual free press, at least today at - what time is 
it? Yes, still free today - will they even bother to question a group 
with a radical Marxist founder based in Marxism? Will they even question 
that group that wants to drastically change their own industry?

You know what? Maybe they'll become interested if McChesney calls a 
Republican a naughty name. I'm not sure. But let me just say this to 
members of the press that are ignoring this or thinking, "Well, it's no 
big deal."

If you embrace these people, or if you sit down and work with these 
people, you might as well just go out and purchase your own blindfold 
and cigarette for the firing squad, because I don't see the difference 
here. More on Free Press, next.

BECK: There is an assault on free speech in this country that nobody 
really sees coming and nobody is looking into all of the connections. 
And some of these stories are hidden. They seem harmless.

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Now, with the details on Free Press, Seton Motley, director of 
communications for Media Research Center and contributing editor to 
"NewsBusters.org." You have been digging into these guys for a while 
now. Tell me, because they sound really nasty.

they are the media reform wing of the social justice movement.


MOTLEY: They want to level the electronic playing field, whether it's 
radio or it's Internet. And now they're expanding into print, the old 
school journalism. They're seeing this crisis as an opportunity to 
broaden into that field as well with the FTC, et cetera, et cetera.

The FCC, as a matter of fact, has started a notice of inquiry which is 
the first step in the rules-making process called the state of media 
journalism. They're going to look at the business angles and the 
business models and see where this is going - totally outside their 
purview. That is not what the FCC should do.

So they're all moving forward in this uniform movement. And as you 
pointed out, Van Jones, Mark Lloyd, Robert McChesney - they all know 
each other.

BECK: They're all Marxists?

MOTLEY: In varying degrees, yes.

BECK: Varying degrees?

MOTLEY: McChesney has avowed to be a Marxist. Van Jones, as we know, has 
avowed to be a Marxist. Certainly, you find a lot of similarities and 
thought between what McChesney and Lloyd have said about Marxist Hugo 
Chavez. So you would say that, yes, this is the social justice Marxist 
movement in the realm of media and communications.

BECK: They say - McChesney said when it comes to Chavez, give me - call 
for number six and seven. Here's six, "Venezuela is a constitutional 
republic. Chavez has won landslide victories that would be the envy of 
almost any elected leader in the world, in internationally monitored 

I find this amazing. And call for number seven, "Aggressive, unqualified 
political dissent is alive and well in the Venezuelan mainstream media 
in a manner few other Democratic nations have ever known, including our 
own." Free speech alive and well in Venezuela?

MOTLEY: And I would just say if he thinks it is more free than what we 
have here in our media, then, he has probably been reading Media 
Research Center materials about the media. If you want to talk about 
state-controlled media, we might have that now.

But yes, he is totally in the Marxist tank. Chavez can do no wrong. He 
was attacked unfairly.

BECK: How - because he said - and it wasn't Free Press that was the 
staple of -

MOTLEY: What he said was it wasn't Free Press that was the most 
important Marxist organization in the world, let alone in the United 
States. He said that about his publication.

BECK: OK. He is playing a role. His people are at the FCC. And they are 
meeting now?

MOTLEY: Policy director, Ben Scott, as you mentioned, has met at least 
three times to develop tech policies.

BECK: And they have been doing tech policy for the White House before 
with candidate Obama?

MOTLEY: They started during the presidential race and developed his tech 
policy portfolio. And now, since then, he's been meeting with the FCC.

BECK: Net neutrality is part of their deal.

MOTLEY: It's socialism for the internet. Everybody gets equal amounts of 

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