[Marxism] Gilles d'Aymery on PayPal

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Oct 19 07:37:15 MDT 2009

Mark Lause wrote:

 > Many of us use checks and stamps about as often now as I get something
 > notarized... A lot of movement fund-raising is done through PayPal. Might
 > I suggest that this might bring in a whole new group that's not
 > contributed.
 > ML

I thank Mark for his insight and indirect suggestion. However, I am a 
bit baffled that an anti-capitalist fighter, which Mark is, would 
recommend that Swans use PayPal as a tool to raise money.

So far as I know, PayPal is a subsidiary of E-bay -- a capitalist 
concern par excellence. So, anti-capitalist Mark is 
recommending/suggesting that I use a capitalist, for-profit company to 
help raise funds for the anti-capitalist bi-weekly magazine that I have 
been publishing for over 13 years.

Seems to me that we will never change the game so long as we play it...

Perhaps it would be helpful if comrades could put their minds together 
and devise our own "PayPal." There are enough smart people on this list 
that could come together and make it happen. What about a "MarxPal"? 
Could people think about and research such an approach seriously?

Meantime, I am sure Mark has a wallet with a couple of $20s. And I'm 
sure most of you do.

Think about it: If only half of the 1,200+ Marxmail subscribers took 
their wallet out of their back pocket, picked a $10 or $20 bill (what 
about, for Swans' sake, where heaven is rooted in the earth, a $50 or 
$100 bill?), put that bill(s) in an envelope and mail it to Swans 
Commentary, P.O. Box 267, Boonville, CA 95415-0267, that simple act 
would make us at Swans solvable.

600 people sending $10 would add up to $6,000...and would make Swans 
perdure. Ten dollars each...

At least, think about it...

Reach out to your wallet (I'll pay for the stamps, Mark) and forget 
about PayPal as you devise MarxPal.

I cannot wait for, and have always dreamed of, a MarxPal, a payment 
system that is not-for-profit and helps us all with spreading our 
message and our philosophy.

In the meantine, I do not and do not want to use PayPal, as I do not 
shop at Amazon.com, or the Home Depot, or Wal*Mart, and the like.

Once again, I have to repeat with much respect that you cannot change 
the game by playing it.

Reach into your wallet, please.

Gilles d'Aymery
Swans Commentary

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