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> Barely a Peep
> Escalation Unopposed
> When school started in September 1969 I was attending a Catholic high
> school located twenty miles outside of Washington, DC. in Laurel, MD.
> My dad was in DaNang, Vietnam.  The seniors at the school were facing
> an almost certain induction into the military and Richard Nixon had
> been president for almost a year.  Some of the kids who lived closer
> to DC were working on the big demonstration coming up on October 15 --
> the Vietnam Moratorium.  The point of this protest was to bring the
> antiwar sentiment home to every town in the United States.  In
> addition, there was a large protest scheduled for DC.  The overall
> politics were liberal antiwar politics.  A few of the nuns at the high
> school agreed with their efforts and got the school to hold a small
> meeting of its own.  The first person who talked was an Army guy who
> said the usual Army stuff.   Then a pacifist priest spoke.  After the
> two talks and some discussion, those of us who wanted to walked to
> downtown Laurel and joined the small antiwar vigil taking place there.
> I don't remember if there were any hecklers, but there were around
> fifty of us against the war.
> Like an acquaintance of mine who helped organize the Moratorium in
> College Park, MD wrote in an email yesterday: who today wouldn't take
> massive liberal anti war demos?  Indeed.  Reports this morning
> (October 15, 2009) from Washington indicate that Barack Obama is going
> to send 45,000 more US troops to Afghanistan.  At this point it is not
> clear if this is the entire number or if it is just the number of
> combat forces.  As the Washington Post revealed earlier in the week of
> October 11th, 2009, when Washington sent some 20,000 troops into
> Afghanistan earlier this year it did not announce that another 13,000
> support troops were also sent over.  If this ratio holds true that
> would mean that there would be closer to 70,000 more US troops in
> Afghanistan by the time this latest escalation is completed.  These
> numbers would put the total amount of troops involved in the
> occupier's forces euphemistically called the International Security
> Assistance Force (ISAF) very close to 200,000.
> 200,000 heavily armed invaders on the ground.  Untold numbers flying
> planes and dropping bombs.  More sitting in bunkers in the North
> American desert launching drones aptly named Predator that kill
> fighters and civilians alike without an ounce of moral hesitation.  An
> unknown number of mercenaries working under the title of contractor.
> Yet, there is barely a peep from the people of the nations whose men
> and women wage this pointless and immoral war.  With the exception of
> a few protesters in DC and other big cities and a few thousand college
> students on twenty six college campuses around the United States,
> recent calls for protests against the war in Afghanistan and the
> continued occupation of Iraq went unheeded.  The sight of young men
> and women in military camouflage and crewcuts wearing ISAF patches is
> becoming overly familiar to travelers in US airports.  Yet, there is
> hardly a peep.  The sight of parents crying on the television while
> their children are buried in caskets covered with the red, white and
> blue is not uncommon.  If the news reports are true and at least
> 45,000 soldiers are preparing for their assignment to Afghanistan,
> these displays designed to inspire more such deaths will increase in
> frequency.  All the while families tell themselves their children died
> for something like freedom when most of us know deep inside that no
> one but those who send them over there really know why the US military
> is even over there.  When we the people are honest with ourselves we
> know it has to do with empire and conceit, but those reasons do o not
> make us feel good.
> And there's barely a peep.  Liberals and rightwingers in Congress line
> up behind the Obama who lines up behind the Pentagon and the industry
> of war.  With the exception of a very few, the consensus is that the
> death and destruction must continue.  The comfort of the empire's
> citizens must not be disturbed.  It can not be said enough, the time
> to speak up is now.  The orgy of death is set to increase.  One can
> not add 50,000 more troops whose job is to kill and expect anything
> else.
> Ron Jacobs is author of The Way the Wind Blew: a history of the
> Weather Underground, which is just republished by Verso. Jacobs' essay
> on Big Bill Broonzy is featured in CounterPunch's collection on music,
> art and sex, Serpents in the Garden. His first novel, Short Order
> Frame Up, is published by Mainstay Press. He can be reached at:
> rjacobs3625 at charter.net
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