[Marxism] Gilles d'Aymery on PayPal

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 08:43:12 MDT 2009

With the same respect, I respond with the confession that I regularly shop
at Amazon and the used bookseller's site.  I also buy things from eBay and
other online companies.  When I found out that some of the freelance
neighborhood entrepreneurs had sprung the lock on my gate, the first thing
that came to mind was that I needed to make a trip to Home Depot or Lowe's.
A much more organized cabal of robbers, btw, financed our having a roof over
our heads, at extortionate costs.  We also buy almost everything we eat at a
local supermarket chain.

This is not unusual, I suspect...

Certainly, if I had my druthers, I would get what I need through a
Labor-for-Labor exchange at the UtopiaMart, but we haven't had one readily
available in this corner of Ohio since Josiah Warren picked up and moved to
New York. :-)

My suggestion was predicated on the idea that a more convenient method of
doing this would probably make it easier to raise more money.  I'll send
something when I can get together the bits and bobs necessary to do so.


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