[Marxism] Emailing from iPhone (was Re: Barely a Peep)

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 19 09:55:25 MDT 2009

Writing to Marxmail without incurring Les' wrath is a bit tricky. If you are using a Hotmail account from with Safari, the "Reply" function automatically includes the entire email you are replying to, with no option to remove it. Using the standard Apple Mail program, the entire original email is again automatically included in the body of the email, again with no option to suppress that, but in this case you can now use the "select and cut" method (assuming you have iPhone OS 3.x) to delete the unwanted text.

In both cases, by far the best option is to NOT reply, but simply to start a "new" email. This does mean that you need to copy and paste the subject line and also enter the "To" address, but Les (and the rest of us) will be happy.

Eli Stephens
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Not send from my iPhone

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