[Marxism] Hugo Blanco: Indigenous ‘struggle for nature’

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Mon Oct 19 11:33:50 MDT 2009

*Hugo Blanco: Indigenous ‘struggle for nature’*

“The world needs to understand the importance of the struggle in defence of
nature”, Hugo Blanco, legendary Peruvian peasant leader active in the
indigenous peoples’ struggle against corporate exploitation in the Amazon,
told Green Left Weekly in late September.

“That is the struggle that the indigenous people are waging today. The
Amazonian indigenous people are fighting not just for themselves or Peru;
they are fighting to defend the lungs of the planet.

“Those fighting in Borneo to defend the rainforest are also fighting for the
planet, as are native Indians fighting against the uranium mine in the Grand

Blanco said it was time “the people from the cities began to understand that
they should follow the lead of these indigenous peoples in defense of
nature, because today we can no longer just fight around social issues”.

“Now”, Blanco told GLW, “we are fighting so that humanity can continue to

One such struggle occurred this year when Peru’s Amazonian indigenous
peoples rose up against neoliberal laws that opened up vast swathes of
indigenous peoples’ lands — including the Amazon rainforest — to
exploitation by transnational oil, mining and logging companies.

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