[Marxism] Thankless bastards?

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 11:16:54 MDT 2009

I think the ruling class turned to the Democrats the same way our local TV
station changes the anchorman or the weatherman when their credibility
starts to slump.

And people generally know about these connections between the Democrats and
big capital.  Surely you've had the same experience I've had telling people
about them.  They look at you as blankly as if you were discussing an
astrological interpretation of the world.  For decades, I used to have these
discussions with my father and he'd just shake his head and say, "So what?
That's how parties win elections.  It doesn't mean the Democrats do what Big
Money wants."

There's just a disconnect in the wiring of the civic culture.  Like seeing
Vietnam not as a blazing example of imperialism but as a kind of
coincidental mistake.

Regrettably, this is just how Americans have learned to unplug the entire
connection to capitalism.


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