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This is an artifical 'problem' created by a misuse of langauge.

More details here:


Rosa L

On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 11:34 PM, David Picón Álvarez
<david at miradoiro.com> wrote:
> Nonsense, 'will' is an incoherent idea.
> The mind is a particular organisation of matter in motion. What does it mean
> to speak of a will? The mind follows all the laws of matter in motion
> (physics) and its internal development is entirely characterised and
> described by those laws. This is to say, where could that will come from, or
> what could it realise in the mind? Either it would have to modify the laws
> of physics in order to interact with the material world, and if it did we
> would have noticed by now, or it could have no effect whatsoever (i.e., a
> mind with and without will would transit through the same states). Even if
> we postulate something outside matter which interacts with the mind, what
> does it mean to speak of it as a will? Either it is random, in which case it
> anulls any conception of freedom, since freedom must related by necessity to
> acting in accordance to a plan, goals, and the state of the world, or it
> isn't random, in which case it is either materially determined again (so we
> can dispense with it) or determined by some other non-material factor (in
> which case it is no less determinist, just determinist in a different way).
> --David.
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