[Marxism] Large Hadron Collider: Swindle of the Century?

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Oct 21 14:01:14 MDT 2009

Jeff wrote:
> an how they are being thrown around by the popular press? Yes, I
> guess I'm not surprised that they would be attracted to some supposed
> evidence of "god," 

remember Lederman's The God Particle?

> What the popular press will present is almost always distorted. 

a low key discussion of the LHC is by Weinberg:


there are pointers to several discussions of his discussion over at
Physics Today:


> When I watch/read about advances in some field of science where I have little
> knowledge, I am awed by the conclusions. But then when the same source
> talks about a field in which I DO have expertise, I notice so many mistakes
> and misinterpretations I almost want to cry. 

this happens all the time. but the interesting thing to my mind is a
discussion of how and why scientists contribute to this.


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